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FreeBird - "Deep Insights LP"

Deep Insights LP

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass
Deep Insights LP

We glad to represent you first FreeBird's album on our label, it is called "Deep Insights".

You can find many smooth and warm melodies inside with tight drums and basses.

Every track in album have his own "story" and unique character, thirteen abolutely amazing tunes inside.



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 FreeBird - No Frontiers
 FreeBird - Trying To Overcome
 FreeBird - Principles
 FreeBird - Cant Hear The Words [Sampler]
 Submatic - Once In My Life [FreeBird Remix]
 FreeBird & InnerLoop - Quiet Brainstorm
 FreeBird - Floppy Device
 Freebird - Leaving Today feat Snowflake
 Freebird & LM1 - Dividing Forecasts
 FreeBird - Grass Roots
 FreeBird - Urban Mass Effect
 FreeBird - Leave It Where It Is
 FreeBird - Orimental


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