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Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Mmm, smooth liquid Drum & Bass from a newcomer to the Kill Inc front- Nelver.


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 Grand Case
 Flatline (Nelver Remix)- N4m3
 Close Your Eyes
 Total World [VIP]


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Night Life E.P.

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

This fresh new release from label underboss- Mage will have the crowd begging for more!

High-tailing it into the Kill Inc spotlight with this 6 track bombshell, this release is a sure slammer!


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 Get Up
 Neon (Feat. Gad)
 Visions of Love (Feat. DJ Ike)
 Solitude (Instrumental)(Zavisimost)
 Solitude (Zavisimost)


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Drum and Bass
Kill Inc

Mmmm, delicious liquid Drum & Bass straight from the East European liquid master- M25.
"Carlos" is a track that just makes you want to close your eyes, turn up the volume, and smile dubiously to yourself while you dance! Jazzy sax parts, some smooth and heavy drumlines, and overall audible tastiness.


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 September (M25 Remix)


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Fuck What You Heard

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc

This is the ultimate heavy D&B compilation from Vtech- forthcoming for those of you who thought you had it all!

Ten (count-'em), Ten tracks- some old, some new- all Vtech.  Don't miss this one!


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 Drop It
 Dust Juice
 Heavy On The Smoke
 Into The Night
 Let The Bitch Breathe (VIP)
 Prince of Darkness
 Why Did You Disappear?


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If I Could

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

This is another smooth release on the Kill Inc front from a newcomer to the label- Mage.

Here's what Stunna's Greenroom had to say about this...
A jam-packed set of dancefloor smashers coupled with deeper vibes (with a healthy dose of soul and funk to top it off), 'IF I COULD' is online now exclusively at BEATPORT.COM for digital download. Come April, it will see a worldwide release in both digi and CD formats.


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 If I Could
 Movin' On
 My Soul
 Purple Clouds (Feat. Zigzag)
 Summer Love (Original Mix)
 Let's Try Again (Feat. DJ Foyer)
 Sleeping (Feat. Grinda and Zigzag)
 The Movable Sound
 I'll Fly With You
 A Deeper Love
 You're In Love (Mage Remix)
 Imagination (Feat. D.Int)


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French Progressive

Electro Trance
Wreked Records

Forthcoming September 11, 2009 from Wreked Records Global, Davina's "French Progressive" is a sweeping vocal beauty of psytrance, electro, and trance elements- all assembled beautifully by this longtime veteran of the dance music scene!
Hailing from New Caledonia, currently residing in Ibiza, Davina has a heavy tour schedule- regularly performing in Mexico, Asia, and all over Europe, and with over 200 top selling releases, she has the credentials to make a crowd move!
Here's what DJMag had to say about this release:
Davina - French Progressive (Wreked Records)- Davina can usually be found as one half of one of my favourite bands: Sirius Isness. Following the huge success of her first solo project, Massive's 'Not An Angel', she produces this awesome album simply under her Christian name - Davina. The title pretty much sums up the style of music here, yet with a nod to her Sirius Isness roots, hence why it belongs on this page. She's another artist breaking away from the norm of prog, injecting a much-needed breath of fresh air - tracks like 'French Progressive' and 'Do The Switch' are testament to this. Damn, they rock! 'Special Sakaya' shows that the full-on sound is still in her veins, for me it's the star of the show.


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 Natural XTasy
 Ko Paradise
 Pakita (vs Beatcrush - Feat. Isa Elle)
 French Progressive
 People Need Action (Feat. MC Jahnathan)
 Do The Switch
 M Ecouter
 Special Sakaya
 Cold Cut (vs Blissanova)
 Progressive Journey
 C Est La Vie


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