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Eugenics Eight
Life is Feelings EP

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

We glad to represent you new release by our newcomer Eugenics Eight and his 2 tracks EP called "Life is Feelings". 


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 Eugenics Eight - Foolin Myself
 Eugenics Eight - The Heart of Poverty


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My Smile EP

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

We glad to represent you new release by our newcomer Hoppa and his 2 tracks EP called "My Smile". 


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 Hoppa - My Smile
 Hoppa - Obscura


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Twisted Journeys (with friends)

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

We are presenting a four track EP by FreeBird for free. 
On this special release you can find four original tracks that showcase the boundaries of Drum&Bass.
Also FreeBird is proud to feature four artists who bring their very unique musical talent.
It all starts with "You have nothing to fear", a track that takes you on a fantastic journey full of different grooves.
The main part was recorded by the exceptional live Drum&Bass band InnerLoop (Washington,DC) in a one-take. 
The second tracks marks yet another collab with InnerLoop: This time it features a jazzful live tenor-sax solo which makes this track
a wild trip through beats, bass and sax.
In another collab "Worried Winds", FreeBird and InnerLoop are supported by the outstanding german jazz guitar player Thomas Brendgens-Mцnkemeyer (www.guitart.de). His musical biography
reads like a journey through modern jazz. He played alongside Larry Coryell, Mark Egan, Paul Wertigo, Peter Leitch, Ralph Towner, Woody Mann, 
longtime bassplayer of Chet Baker Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Daniel Corzo and John Stowell to name a few.
A german music magazine wrote "... Thomas ranks among the most ideosyncratic jazzguitarists in Germany".
The last track of this EP marks a collab with Fuse from Estonia (Offworld Recordings, Rotation) and Mаluаdй from Paris. While Fuse concentrates on atmospheric and minimal vibes
at the edge of Drum&Bass, Mаluаde originates musically from Fado, Tango and Jazz. The halftempo track "Death in Porto" combines the deep and
atmospheric pads and basses of Fuse with the Portugese voice of Mаluаde who sings a progressive fado.
FreeBird: www.freebird-dnb.com
InnerLoop: https://www.facebook.com/InnerLoopDnB
Thomas Brendgens-Mцnkemeyer: www.guitart.de
Fuse: https://soundcloud.com/fuse-est
Mаluаde: https://soundcloud.com/m-lu-d
Download link: http://killinc.co.uk/download/freebird.php


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 InnerLoop & FreeBird - You Have Nothing To Fear
 FreeBird & InnerLoop - Floating Psychics
 FreeBird & InnerLoop & Thomas Brendgens-Mönkemeyer - Worried Winds
 FreeBird & Fuse & Maluade - Death in Porto


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Midas EP

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

We glad to represent you new release by our newcomer ShirPan and his 3 tracks EP called "Midas Touch". 


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 ShirPan - Audio Pilgrim
 ShirPan - Midas Touch
 ShirPan - Rashomon


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Nic ZigZag
Cold Cloud EP

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Fresh release by Nic ZigZag, We see him last time in colaboration work with Mage in his first LP on the label.

We really glad to see him again and we hope you can enjoy those two great and warm as summer sun tunes as we did.


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 Nic ZigZag - Cold Cloud
 Nic ZigZag - Life Is Changes


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The Last Time Remixes EP

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

New remixes EP to Mage's track called "The Last Time" from his last LP "The Tides of Unknown" by FreeBird and Nelver!

Two different styles:

FreeBird did remix in his own drum & bass style with deep groove and heavy drums

Nelver's remix is the same as original one in dubstep style, it have very tight low end and soft piano melody. 


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 Mage - The Last Time (FreeBird Remix)
 Mage - The Last Time (Nelver Remix)


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Indigo child EP (feat. Albert Tempel)

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Huge EP from our resident - artist Funkware with great vocals from Albert Tempel!


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 Funkware feat. Albert Tempel - Beam Me Up
 Funkware feat. Albert Tempel - Fantastic Little Prince
 Funkware feat. Albert Tempel - Indigo Child
 Funkware feat. Albert Tempel - When You Were Here


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Dan Guidance
1 Man & His Machine EP

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

We glad to represent you release by our newcomer Dan Guidance!

Release have two amazing and different tunes with real musicality and on-point production.


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 Dan Guidance - Its What You Make Of It
 Dan Guidance - Late Night Drive


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Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Fresh and heavy vibes from our resident - artist nCamargo!

Featured Track Suspence by Trackitdown!
Reveiw: Amazing high tech liquid from the future!


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 nCamargo - Revolution
 nCamargo - Suspense


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The World Is On Your Shoulders

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Top new release by Ravager!

Two very deep, melodic and dancefool tunes inside in this release!


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 Ravager - Drum Beats Are Forever
 Ravager - The World Is On Your Shoulders


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Longstanding Offers

Davina- French Progressive Artist: Davina
Release: French Progressive
Label: Wreked Records
Release Date: 2008-06-30
Genre: Electro House/Trance

If you have purchased a copy of "French Progressive" and need to redeem your free download of "C Est La Vie", please use our contact page to send us a message with the following information:

  • Use "C Est La Vie Download" as the 'subject'
  • The date of purchase, location of purchase (Saiko Sounds, psyshop, etc...)
  • A direct download link will be sent to you via email within 24 hours!

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