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nCamargo on Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass


17 year upcoming producer from Brazil, Rio Grande Do Sul.

Born in 1994, the brazillian Nicolas Camargo was surrounded by many musical influences on his family. He started to discover his interests in eletronic music in 2000, but discovered Drum and Bass in 2009. It was the year that nCamargo discovered his deepest love in the eletronic music genre, after listening to a radio show on the online radio Bassdrive. On the start of 2010, he decided that production was the path he would take, and now on 2012, hes getting support worldwide from the online dnb radios like Bassdrive, BBC and dnbheaven, from youtube promoters and soundcloud listeners/djs around the world, and going to be a really strong year for his productions, now alongside Self Definition on a dnb project called "Eternal Soul".

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