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Liquilade is Kirill Ovlakh and Vladislav Lazutkin's project.
Drum and Bass they have opened for themselves in 2001, but already then the desire to create music has seized their young minds. And only when in 2004 guys have started to use Fruity Loops Studio "era" of serious creativity has begun. Within five years daily, spending time a great lot in FL, they were engaged in sharpening of technics of creation of electronic music while musical ideas there was a large quantity. Technics perfection goes and to this day. Guys from Liquilade are convinced, the limit to development is not present.
Drum and Bass for them not unique music. But Drum and Bass is opened for other styles, comprises particles various musical directions and not only electronic, but also "live", such as, for example, Funk. It does all Drum and Bass more "live" and beautiful.
"Drum and Bass which we write, it is difficult to carry to what that to certain style. But basically this combination Liquidfunk of traditions to impurity Trance and Electro soundings."
In the mixes Liquilade represent vigorous dancing Liquidfunk music with, at times, unexpected deviations to other Drum and Bass styles. Here can be and Jump Up and even deep Neuro sounding. Many DJs and musicians have noted huge potential Liquilade.

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