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Studio Secrets on Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Studio Secrets
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

United Kingdom
Studio Secrets

Studio Secrets started his music career in djing about eight years ago with his first set of turntables, spinning out jungle/ drum and bass and garage/grime. He began doing events and at the same time promoting himself on pirate radio.
During this time he was at college doing media studies and decided that he wanted to produce music. With the help of some of his mates he started to use Propllerheads Reason, making drum and bass beats, and with his interest growing all the time he decided to save up and buy his own computer and Reason 3. This paved the way for a better productive sound, now on his final year on university and at the age of 23, Studio Secrets has develpoed a unique sound in the genre of Dubstep.
Now with releases on a number of labels Studio Secrets has joined the Kill Inc crew.

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